Accession PRJCA000717
Title Scleral hypoxia is a target for myopia control
Data Types Transcriptome or Gene expression
Organisms Mus musculus
Description single cell sequencing for sclera
Sample scope Single cell
Release date 2018-05-08
Submitter Deng    Wu  (
Organization Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Submission date 2018-01-25

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (93) -
SAMC025239 1025-T-C89
SAMC025238 1025-T-C81
SAMC025237 1025-T-C71
SAMC025236 1025-T-C66
SAMC025235 1025-T-C65
SAMC025234 1025-T-C60
SAMC025233 1025-T-C55
SAMC025232 1025-T-C43
SAMC025231 1025-T-C37
SAMC025230 1025-T-C29
SAMC025229 1025-T-C25
SAMC025228 1025-T-C21
SAMC025227 1025-F-C94
SAMC025226 1025-F-C89
SAMC025225 1025-F-C81
SAMC025224 1025-F-C63
SAMC025223 1025-F-C48
SAMC025222 1106-T-C96
SAMC025221 1106-T-C94
SAMC025220 1106-T-C83
SAMC025219 1106-T-C82
SAMC025218 1106-T-C79
SAMC025217 1106-T-C77
SAMC025216 1106-T-C73
SAMC025215 1106-T-C39
SAMC025214 1106-T-C26
SAMC025213 1106-T-C91
SAMC025212 1106-T-C19
SAMC025211 1025-T-C95
SAMC025210 1025-T-C93
SAMC025209 1025-T-C92
SAMC025208 1025-T-C85
SAMC025207 1025-T-C79
SAMC025206 1025-T-C73
SAMC025205 1025-T-C59
SAMC025204 1025-T-C52
SAMC025203 1025-T-C46
SAMC025202 1025-T-C28
SAMC025201 1025-T-C17
SAMC025200 1025-F-C61
SAMC025199 1025-F-C45
SAMC025198 1025-F-C44
SAMC025197 1025-F-C41
SAMC025196 0110-T-C57
SAMC025195 0110-T-C49
SAMC025194 0110-T-C33
SAMC025193 0110-T-C93
SAMC025192 0110-T-C91
SAMC025191 0110-T-C89
SAMC025190 0110-T-C84
SAMC025189 0110-T-C77
SAMC025188 0110-T-C64
SAMC025187 0110-T-C59
SAMC025186 0110-T-C51
SAMC025185 0110-T-C50
SAMC025184 0110-T-C47
SAMC025183 0110-T-C18
SAMC025182 0110-F-C90
SAMC025181 0110-F-C83
SAMC025180 0110-F-C73
SAMC025179 0110-F-C68
SAMC025178 0110-F-C40
SAMC025177 0110-F-C24
SAMC025176 0110-F-C95
SAMC025175 0110-F-C93
SAMC025174 0110-F-C78
SAMC025173 0110-F-C75
SAMC025172 0110-F-C74
SAMC025171 0110-F-C59
SAMC025170 0110-F-C51
SAMC025169 0110-F-C25
SAMC025168 0109-T-C59
SAMC025167 0109-F-C84
SAMC025166 0109-F-C60
SAMC025165 0109-F-C58
SAMC025164 0109-F-C52
SAMC025163 0109-F-C36
SAMC025162 0109-F-C92
SAMC025161 0109-F-C91
SAMC025160 0109-F-C87
SAMC025159 0109-F-C78
SAMC025158 0109-F-C74
SAMC025157 0109-F-C62
SAMC025156 0109-F-C55
SAMC025155 0109-F-C47
SAMC025154 0109-F-C45
SAMC025153 0109-F-C31
SAMC025152 0109-F-C28
SAMC025151 0109-F-C18
SAMC025150 0109-F-C13
SAMC025149 0109-F-C12
SAMC025148 0109-F-C11
SAMC025147 0109-F-C04
GSA (1) -
CRA000775 single cell sequence for sclera of mouse