Accession PRJCA000687
Title Actinidia chinensis transcriptome sequencing
Relevance Agricultural
Data types Genome sequencing and assembly
Genome sequencing
Organisms Actinidia chinensis
Description Using materials of diploid and ploidy for RNA-seq to analyze of gene expression levels, the results showed that there were a total of 1589 differentially experrssed gene between the diploid and polyploid of which 471 were down regulated and 1118 genes increased. All envelope genes in polyploid were rose, which means the stress resistance of plants was more strong. From this point was verified with higher expression of polyploid forms than diploid, which was all down in the nutrient reserveoir, reprodution, and reproductive process . It was further confirmed that the sterility of ploidy.
Sample scope tissue culture seedling
Release date 2018-10-15
Submitter xing  sheng  li  (
Organization Southwest Forestry University
Submission date 2018-01-12

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CRA001178 Transcriptome data of diploid and polyploid kiwifruit