Accession PRJCA000628
Title Time-series RNA-seq of tamoxifen resistant MCF7 cell line
Relevance Medical
Data Types Genome sequencing
Organisms Homo sapiens
Description Seventy percent of breast cancer are categorized as estrogen receptor (ER)-dependent tumor (luminal A-type) and initially respond to endocrine therapy using such as tamoxifen. However, about 30-40 % of tamoxifen-responsive tumor eventually acquires endocrine resistance after long-term treatment of this drug within 15 years after initial diagnosis. Due to this reason, molecular mechanisms of tamoxifen resistance have been intensively studied both in vivo and in vitro. As a result, a number of mechanisms have been proposed as a basis of tamoxifen resistance development. Detection of phase shift in time-course in response to tamoxifen treatment and identification of the genes responsible for the shift will be reasonable strategy to understand the drug resistance mechanisms. In order to detect the tamoxifen resistanct mechanisms of MCF7 cell line, we performed Poly A+ RNA-Seq on both tamoxifen treated and non-treated MCF7 cell line.
Sample scope Monoisolate
Release date 2017-11-07
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
30383247 Hunt for the tipping point during endocrine resistance process in breast cancer by dynamic network biomarkers Journal of Molecular Cell Biology 10.1093/jmcb/mjy059 2018
Submitter Rui    Liu  (
Organization Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Submission date 2017-11-07

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (120) -
SAMC017263 12W-C5
SAMC017262 12W-C4
SAMC017261 12W-C3
SAMC017260 12W-C2
SAMC017259 12W-C1
SAMC017258 11W-C5
SAMC017257 11W-C4
SAMC017256 11W-C3
SAMC017255 11W-C2
SAMC017254 11W-C1
SAMC017253 10W-C5
SAMC017252 10W-C4
SAMC017251 10W-C3
SAMC017250 10W-C2
SAMC017249 10W-C1
SAMC017248 9W-C5
SAMC017247 9W-C4
SAMC017246 9W-C3
SAMC017245 9W-C2
SAMC017244 9W-C1
SAMC017243 8W-C5
SAMC017242 8W-C4
SAMC017241 8W-C3
SAMC017240 8W-C2
SAMC017239 8W-C1
SAMC017238 7W-C5
SAMC017237 7W-C4
SAMC017236 7W-C3
SAMC017235 7W-C2
SAMC017234 7W-C1
SAMC017233 6W-C5
SAMC017232 6W-C4
SAMC017231 6W-C3
SAMC017230 6W-C2
SAMC017229 6W-C1
SAMC017228 5W-C5
SAMC017227 5W-C4
SAMC017226 5W-C3
SAMC017225 5W-C2
SAMC017224 5W-C1
SAMC017223 4W-C5
SAMC017222 4W-C4
SAMC017221 4W-C3
SAMC017220 4W-C2
SAMC017219 4W-C1
SAMC017218 3W-C5
SAMC017217 3W-C4
SAMC017216 3W-C3
SAMC017215 3W-C2
SAMC017214 3W-C1
SAMC017213 2W-C5
SAMC017212 2W-C4
SAMC017211 2W-C3
SAMC017210 2W-C2
SAMC017209 2W-C1
SAMC017208 1W-C5
SAMC017207 1W-C4
SAMC017206 1W-C3
SAMC017205 1W-C2
SAMC017204 1W-C1
SAMC017203 12W-T5
SAMC017202 12W-T4
SAMC017201 12W-T3
SAMC017200 12W-T2
SAMC017199 12W-T1
SAMC017198 11W-T5
SAMC017197 11W-T4
SAMC017196 11W-T3
SAMC017195 11W-T2
SAMC017194 11W-T1
SAMC017193 10W-T5
SAMC017192 10W-T4
SAMC017191 10W-T3
SAMC017190 10W-T2
SAMC017189 10W-T1
SAMC017188 9W-T5
SAMC017187 9W-T4
SAMC017186 9W-T3
SAMC017185 9W-T2
SAMC017184 9W-T1
SAMC017183 8W-T5
SAMC017182 8W-T4
SAMC017181 8W-T3
SAMC017180 8W-T2
SAMC017179 8W-T1
SAMC017178 7W-T5
SAMC017177 7W-T4
SAMC017176 7W-T3
SAMC017175 7W-T2
SAMC017174 7W-T1
SAMC017173 6W-T5
SAMC017172 6W-T4
SAMC017171 6W-T3
SAMC017170 6W-T2
SAMC017169 6W-T1
SAMC017168 5W-T5
SAMC017167 5W-T4
SAMC017166 5W-T3
SAMC017165 5W-T2
SAMC017164 5W-T1
SAMC017163 4W-T5
SAMC017162 4W-T4
SAMC017161 4W-T3
SAMC017160 4W-T2
SAMC017159 4W-T1
SAMC017158 3W-T5
SAMC017157 3W-T4
SAMC017156 3W-T3
SAMC017155 3W-T2
SAMC017154 3W-T1
SAMC017153 2W-T5
SAMC017152 2W-T4
SAMC017151 2W-T3
SAMC017150 2W-T2
SAMC017149 2W-T1
SAMC017148 1W-T5
SAMC017147 1W-T4
SAMC017146 1W-T3
SAMC017145 1W-T2
SAMC017144 1W-T1
GSA (1) -
CRA000580 Time-series RNA-seq of tamoxifen resistant MCF7 cell line