Accession PRJCA000530
Title Analysis of adaptive traits of mammals in the Tibetan plateau
Relevance Evolution
Umbrella project

eGPS: evolutionary Genotype-Phenotype Systems biology

Plateau Adaptability

Analysis of adaptive traits of mammals in the Tibetan Plateau

Data types Transcriptome or Gene expression
Organisms Bos taurus
Bos grunniens
Description Yak is one of the native mammalian species at the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, and yet the genetic mechanism underlying its adaptation to high altitude environments remains elusive. We conducted cross-tissue, cross-altitude and cross-species analysis of transcriptomic landscape in domestic yaks. The generated multi-tissue transcriptomic data greatly improved the current yak annotation by identifying more than 210 thousand novel transcripts.
Sample scope Multispecies
Release date 2018-06-01
Submitter Yaoxi    He  (
Organization Kunming Institute of Zoology, CAS
Submission date 2017-08-22

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (117) -
SAMC016302 Mq105PFC_1
SAMC016301 Mq105ji_1
SAMC016300 MQ105heart_1
SAMC016299 Mq105gaowan_1
SAMC016298 Mq105fei_1
SAMC016297 Mq105Dingye_1
SAMC016296 Mq104ji_1
SAMC016295 MQ104heart_1
SAMC016294 Mq104gaowan_1
SAMC016293 Mq104fei_1
SAMC016292 Mq104Dingye_1
SAMC016291 Mq101ji_1
SAMC016290 Mq101gaowan_1
SAMC016289 Mq101fei_1
SAMC016288 Mq101Dingye_1
SAMC016287 MQ06_xin_1
SAMC016286 MQ06_shen_1
SAMC016285 MQ06_pi_1
SAMC016284 MQ06_gan_1
SAMC016283 MQ06_fei_1
SAMC016282 MQ05_xin_1
SAMC016281 MQ05_shen_1
SAMC016280 MQ05_pi_1
SAMC016279 MQ05_gan_1
SAMC016278 MQ05_fei_1
SAMC016277 MQ04_xin_1
SAMC016276 MQ04_shen_1
SAMC016275 MQ04_pi_1
SAMC016274 MQ04_gan_1
SAMC016273 MQ04_fei_1
SAMC016272 Lz03PFC_1
SAMC016271 Lz03ji_1
SAMC016270 LZ03heart_1
SAMC016269 Lz03fei_1
SAMC016268 LZ03Dingye_1
SAMC016267 Lz02PFC_1
SAMC016266 Lz02ji_1
SAMC016265 LZ02heart_1
SAMC016264 Lz02gao_1
SAMC016263 Lz02fei_1
SAMC016262 LZ02Dingye_1
SAMC016261 Lz01ji_1
SAMC016260 LZ01heart_1
SAMC016259 Lz01gao_1
SAMC016258 Lz01fei_1
SAMC016257 LZ01ding_1
SAMC016256 DX3xin_1
SAMC016255 DX3shen_1
SAMC016254 DX3pi_1
SAMC016253 DX3gan_1
SAMC016252 DX3fei_1
SAMC016251 DX2xin_1
SAMC016250 DX2shen_1
SAMC016249 DX2pi_1
SAMC016248 DX2gan_1
SAMC016247 DX2fei_1
SAMC016246 DX1xin_1
SAMC016245 DX1shen_1
SAMC016244 DX1pi_1
SAMC016243 DX1gan_1
SAMC016242 DX1fei_1
SAMC016241 Bg03ji_1
SAMC016240 BG03heart_1
SAMC016239 Bg03gao_1
SAMC016238 Bg03fei_1
SAMC016237 Bg02ji_1
SAMC016236 BG02heart_1
SAMC016235 Bg02gao_1
SAMC016234 Bg02fei_1
SAMC016233 Bg01ji_1
SAMC016232 BG01heart_1
SAMC016231 Bg01gao_1
SAMC016230 Bg01fei_1
SAMC016229 AD3xin_1
SAMC016228 AD3shen_1
SAMC016227 AD3pi_1
SAMC016226 AD3gan_1
SAMC016225 AD3fei_1
SAMC016224 AD2xin_1
SAMC016223 AD2shen_1
SAMC016222 AD2pi_1
SAMC016221 AD2gan_1
SAMC016220 AD2fei_1
SAMC016219 AD1xin_1
SAMC016218 AD1shen_1
SAMC016217 AD1pi_1
SAMC016216 AD1gan_1
SAMC016215 AD1fei_1
SAMC016214 Zs04xin_1
SAMC016213 Zs04shen_1
SAMC016212 Zs04pi_1
SAMC016211 Zs04ji_1
SAMC016210 Zs04gao_1
SAMC016209 Zs04gan_1
SAMC016208 Zs04fei_1
SAMC016207 Zs04Dingye_1
SAMC016206 Zs03shen_1
SAMC016205 Zs03pi_1
SAMC016204 Zs03ji_1
SAMC016203 Zs03gao_1
SAMC016202 Zs03gan_1
SAMC016201 Zs03fei_1
SAMC016200 Zs03Dingye_1
SAMC016199 ZS02shen_1
SAMC016198 Zs02pi_1
SAMC016197 Zs02ji_1
SAMC016196 Zs02gao_1
SAMC016195 Zs02gan_1
SAMC016194 Zs02fei_1
SAMC016193 Zs02Dingye_1
SAMC016192 Zs01shen_1
SAMC016191 Zs01pi_1
SAMC016190 Zs01ji_1
SAMC016189 Zs01gao_1
SAMC016188 Zs01gan_1
SAMC016187 Zs01fei_1
SAMC016186 Zs01Dingye_1
GSA (1) -
CRA000338 Yak transcriptome