Accession PRJCA000415
Title Comprehensive simulation of metagenomic sequencing data with non-uniform sampling distribution
Relevance Model organism
Data types Metagenome
Organisms synthetic metagenome
Description We developed a non-uniform Metagenomic sequencing Simulation system (nuMetaSim) that is capable of mimicking various factors in real metagenomic sequencing to reflect multiple properties of real data with customizable parameter settings. We generated 9 comprehensive metagenomic datasets with different composition complexity from of 203 bacterial genomes and 2 archaeal genomes related with human intestine system. The data can serve as benchmarks for comparing performance of different methods at different situations, and the software package allows users to generate simulation data that can better reflect the specific properties in their scenarios.
Sample scope Multispecies
Release date 2017-04-06
Submitter Shansong    Liu  (
Organization Tsinghua University
Submission date 2017-04-06

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (144) -
SAMC012618 200_strain_HC
SAMC012617 200_strain_HC
SAMC012616 200_strain_HC
SAMC012615 200_strain_HC
SAMC012614 200_strain_HC
SAMC012613 200_strain_HC
SAMC012612 200_strain_HC
SAMC012611 200_strain_HC
SAMC012610 200_strain_HC
SAMC012609 200_strain_HC
SAMC012608 200_strain_HC
SAMC012607 200_strain_HC
SAMC012606 200_strain_HC
SAMC012605 200_strain_HC
SAMC012604 200_strain_HC
SAMC012603 200_strain_HC
SAMC012602 200_strain_MC
SAMC012601 200_strain_MC
SAMC012600 200_strain_MC
SAMC012599 200_strain_MC
SAMC012598 200_strain_MC
SAMC012597 200_strain_MC
SAMC012596 200_strain_MC
SAMC012595 200_strain_MC
SAMC012594 200_strain_MC
SAMC012593 200_strain_MC
SAMC012592 200_strain_MC
SAMC012591 200_strain_MC
SAMC012590 200_strain_MC
SAMC012589 200_strain_MC
SAMC012588 200_strain_MC
SAMC012587 200_strain_MC
SAMC012586 200_strain_LC
SAMC012585 200_strain_LC
SAMC012584 200_strain_LC
SAMC012583 200_strain_LC
SAMC012582 200_strain_LC
SAMC012581 200_strain_LC
SAMC012580 200_strain_LC
SAMC012579 200_strain_LC
SAMC012578 200_strain_LC
SAMC012577 200_strain_LC
SAMC012576 200_strain_LC
SAMC012575 200_strain_LC
SAMC012574 200_strain_LC
SAMC012573 200_strain_LC
SAMC012572 200_strain_LC
SAMC012571 200_strain_LC
SAMC012570 50_strain_HC
SAMC012569 50_strain_HC
SAMC012568 50_strain_HC
SAMC012567 50_strain_HC
SAMC012566 50_strain_HC
SAMC012565 50_strain_HC
SAMC012564 50_strain_HC
SAMC012563 50_strain_HC
SAMC012562 50_strain_HC
SAMC012561 50_strain_HC
SAMC012560 50_strain_HC
SAMC012559 50_strain_HC
SAMC012558 50_strain_HC
SAMC012557 50_strain_HC
SAMC012556 50_strain_HC
SAMC012555 50_strain_HC
SAMC012554 50_strain_MC
SAMC012553 50_strain_MC
SAMC012552 50_strain_MC
SAMC012551 50_strain_MC
SAMC012550 50_strain_MC
SAMC012549 50_strain_MC
SAMC012548 50_strain_MC
SAMC012547 50_strain_MC
SAMC012546 50_strain_MC
SAMC012545 50_strain_MC
SAMC012544 50_strain_MC
SAMC012543 50_strain_MC
SAMC012542 50_strain_MC
SAMC012541 50_strain_MC
SAMC012540 50_strain_MC
SAMC012539 50_strain_MC
SAMC012538 50_strain_LC
SAMC012537 50_strain_LC
SAMC012536 50_strain_LC
SAMC012535 50_strain_LC
SAMC012534 50_strain_LC
SAMC012533 50_strain_LC
SAMC012532 50_strain_LC
SAMC012531 50_strain_LC
SAMC012530 50_strain_LC
SAMC012529 50_strain_LC
SAMC012528 50_strain_LC
SAMC012527 50_strain_LC
SAMC012526 50_strain_LC
SAMC012525 50_strain_LC
SAMC012524 50_strain_LC
SAMC012523 50_strain_LC
SAMC012522 10_strain_HC
SAMC012521 10_strain_HC
SAMC012520 10_strain_HC
SAMC012519 10_strain_HC
SAMC012518 10_strain_HC
SAMC012517 10_strain_HC
SAMC012516 10_strain_HC
SAMC012515 10_strain_HC
SAMC012514 10_strain_HC
SAMC012513 10_strain_HC
SAMC012512 10_strain_HC
SAMC012511 10_strain_HC
SAMC012510 10_strain_HC
SAMC012509 10_strain_HC
SAMC012508 10_strain_HC
SAMC012507 10_strain_HC
SAMC012506 10_strain_MC
SAMC012505 10_strain_MC
SAMC012504 10_strain_MC
SAMC012503 10_strain_MC
SAMC012502 10_strain_MC
SAMC012501 10_strain_MC
SAMC012500 10_strain_MC
SAMC012499 10_strain_MC
SAMC012498 10_strain_MC
SAMC012497 10_strain_MC
SAMC012496 10_strain_MC
SAMC012495 10_strain_MC
SAMC012494 10_strain_MC
SAMC012493 10_strain_MC
SAMC012492 10_strain_MC
SAMC012491 10_strain_MC
SAMC012490 10_strain_LC
SAMC012489 10_strain_LC
SAMC012488 10_strain_LC
SAMC012487 10_strain_LC
SAMC012486 10_strain_LC
SAMC012485 10_strain_LC
SAMC012484 10_strain_LC
SAMC012483 10_strain_LC
SAMC012482 10_strain_LC
SAMC012481 10_strain_LC
SAMC012480 10_strain_LC
SAMC012479 10_strain_LC
SAMC012478 10_strain_LC
SAMC012477 10_strain_LC
SAMC012476 10_strain_LC
SAMC012475 10_strain_LC
GSA (1) -
CRA000232 CRA_232