Accession PRJCA000381
Title microRNA's effect on the degradation of its targets
Relevance Model organism
Data Types Transcriptome or Gene expression
Organisms Drosophila melanogaster
Description MicroRNA has an important role on the degradation of its targets. Previously massive data shows that microRNA represses the expression of its targets. Here we explore the degree of microRNA's effect on its targets.
Sample scope Monoisolate
Release date 2018-05-03
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
29764374 Direct measurement of pervasive weak repression by microRNAs and their role at the network level. BMC Genomics 10.1186/s12864-018-4757-z 2018
Submitter Fuqiang    Ma  (
Organization Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Submission date 2017-03-20

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (16) -
SAMC030028 KO-8H2
SAMC030027 KO-8H1
SAMC030026 KO-4H2
SAMC030025 KO-4H1
SAMC030024 KO-2H2
SAMC030023 KO-2H1
SAMC030022 KO-0H2
SAMC030021 KO-0H1
SAMC030020 WT-8H1
SAMC030019 WT-8H2
SAMC030018 WT-4H1
SAMC030017 WT-4H2
SAMC030016 WT-2H1
SAMC030015 WT-2H2
SAMC030014 WT-0H2
SAMC030013 WT-0H1
GSA (1) -
CRA000921 microRNA's effect on the degradation of its targets