Accession PRJCA000352
Title hMeDIP_seq of vitamin C-treated kidney tumour cells
Relevance Medical
Data types Epigenomics
Organisms Homo sapiens
Description Recent study has revealed that 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5hmC) is globally lost in virtually all ccRCC (clear cell renal cell carcinoma) tumour tissues and served as an independent prognostic marker for ccRCC. Thus, re- establishment of 5hmC levels in ccRCC tumour cells may have therapeutic effect. Here, we use vitamin C(Sodium L-ascorbate,AsA-Na) and its derivative L-Ascorbic acid 2-phosphate sesquimagnesium(APM) to restore 5hmC levels in 786O and A498 cells,786O xenografts and also in a ccRCC patient primary tumor or normal cells. The hMeDIP_seq was used to determine the genome-wide 5hmC reprogramming pattern in these samples. We also performed RNA seq of control or vitamin C-treated 786O cells.
Sample scope Monoisolate
Release date 2020-02-13
Submitter Guangzhe    Ge  (
Organization Beijing Institute of Genomics (BIG)
Submission date 2017-02-13

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (32) -
SAMC026886 786-O_APM_P20_RNA_seq
SAMC026885 786-O_APM_P10_RNA_seq
SAMC026884 786-O_AsANa_P20_RNA_seq
SAMC026883 786-O_AsANa_P10_RNA_seq
SAMC026882 786O_control_RNA_seq
SAMC026881 ccRCC_Tumor_Primary_cell_APM_hMeDIP
SAMC026880 ccRCC_Tumor_Primary_cell_AsANa_hMeDIP
SAMC026879 ccRCC_Tumor_Primary_cell_control_hMeDIP
SAMC026878 ccRCC_Normal_Primary_cell_APM_hMeDIP
SAMC026877 ccRCC_Normal_Primary_cell_AsANa_hMeDIP
SAMC026876 ccRCC_Normal_Primary_cell_control_hMeDIP
SAMC026875 ccRCC_patient_Tumor_Tissue_hMeDIP
SAMC026874 ccRCC_patient_Normal_Tissue_hMeDIP
SAMC026873 ccRCC_patient_input_hMeDIP
SAMC026872 786O_xenograft_APM_2#_hMeDIP
SAMC026871 786O_xenograft_APM_1#_hMeDIP
SAMC026870 786O_xenograft_AsANa_2#_hMeDIP
SAMC026869 786O_xenograft_AsANa_1#_hMeDIP
SAMC026868 786O_xenograft_control_hMeDIP
SAMC026867 786O_xenograft_input_hMeDIP
SAMC026866 A498_APM_P20_hMeDIP
SAMC026865 A498_APM_P10_hMeDIP
SAMC026864 A498_AsANa_P20_hMeDIP
SAMC026863 A498_AsANa_P10_hMeDIP
SAMC026862 A498_P0_hMeDIP
SAMC026861 A498_Input_hMeDIP
SAMC009125 hMeDIP_seq of kidney tumor cells
SAMC009124 hMeDIP_seq of kidney tumor cells
SAMC009123 hMeDIP_seq of kidney tumor cells
SAMC009122 hMeDIP_seq of kidney tumor cells
SAMC009121 hMeDIP_seq of kidney tumor cells
SAMC009120 hMeDIP_seq of kidney tumor cells
GSA (1) -
CRA000189 CRA_189