Accession PRJCA000282
Title Canis familiaris genome data of 127 samples
Relevance Evolution
Data types Whole genome sequencing
Organisms Canis sp.
Description Canis familiaris genome data of 127 samples
Sample scope Multispecies
Release date 2016-10-13
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
24721644 Whole-genome sequencing of six dog breeds from continuous altitudes reveals adaptation to high-altitude hypoxia. Genome Research 10.1101/gr.171876.113 2014
Submitter Dong  Li  Li  (
Organization Beijing Institute of Genomics
Submission date 2016-10-12

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (127) -
SAMC007358 XJ30
SAMC007357 XJ24
SAMC007356 TI32
SAMC007355 TI09
SAMC007354 QH16
SAMC007353 QH11
SAMC007352 IM07
SAMC007351 IM06
SAMC007350 Jindo
SAMC007349 ISW
SAMC007348 GLJ
SAMC007347 Dingo
SAMC007346 CRW
SAMC007345 CHW
SAMC007344 Basenji
SAMC007343 VN76
SAMC007342 VN59
SAMC007341 VN42
SAMC007340 VN4
SAMC007339 VN37
SAMC007338 VN21
SAMC007337 TW04
SAMC007336 QA5
SAMC007335 QA27
SAMC007334 PT71
SAMC007333 PT61
SAMC007332 PG84
SAMC007331 PG122
SAMC007330 PG115
SAMC007329 NA89
SAMC007328 NA8
SAMC007327 NA63
SAMC007326 Lcu2_Pastora
SAMC007325 LB85
SAMC007324 LB79
SAMC007323 LB74
SAMC007322 IN29
SAMC007321 IN23
SAMC007320 IN18
SAMC007319 ID91
SAMC007318 ID60
SAMC007317 ID168
SAMC007316 ID165
SAMC007315 ID137
SAMC007314 ID125
SAMC007313 HR93
SAMC007312 HR85
SAMC007311 EG49
SAMC007310 EG44
SAMC007309 Dog15
SAMC007308 Dog14
SAMC007307 Dog13
SAMC007306 Dog12
SAMC007305 Dog11
SAMC007304 Dog10
SAMC007303 Dog09
SAMC007302 Dog08
SAMC007301 Dog07
SAMC007300 Dog06
SAMC007299 Dog04
SAMC007298 Dog03
SAMC007297 Dog02
SAMC007296 Dog01
SAMC007295 BA19
SAMC007294 4669
SAMC007293 2972
SAMC007292 1735
SAMC007291 DQ10
SAMC007290 DQ9
SAMC007289 DQ8
SAMC007288 DQ7
SAMC007287 DQ6
SAMC007286 DQ5
SAMC007285 DQ4
SAMC007284 DQ3
SAMC007283 DQ2
SAMC007282 DQ1
SAMC007281 GS10
SAMC007280 GS9
SAMC007279 GS8
SAMC007278 GS7
SAMC007277 GS6
SAMC007276 GS5
SAMC007275 GS4
SAMC007274 GS3
SAMC007273 GS2
SAMC007272 GS1
SAMC007271 KM10
SAMC007270 KM9
SAMC007269 KM8
SAMC007268 KM7
SAMC007267 KM6
SAMC007266 KM5
SAMC007265 KM4
SAMC007264 KM3
SAMC007263 KM2
SAMC007262 KM1
SAMC007261 YJ10
SAMC007260 YJ9
SAMC007259 YJ8
SAMC007258 YJ7
SAMC007257 YJ6
SAMC007256 YJ5
SAMC007255 YJ4
SAMC007254 YJ3
SAMC007253 YJ2
SAMC007252 YJ1
SAMC007251 LJ10
SAMC007250 LJ9
SAMC007249 LJ8
SAMC007248 LJ7
SAMC007247 LJ6
SAMC007246 LJ5
SAMC007245 LJ4
SAMC007244 LJ3
SAMC007243 LJ2
SAMC007242 LJ1
SAMC007241 TM10
SAMC007240 TM9
SAMC007239 TM8
SAMC007238 TM7
SAMC007237 TM6
SAMC007236 TM5
SAMC007235 TM4
SAMC007234 TM3
SAMC007233 TM2
SAMC007232 TM1
GSA (1) -
CRA000140 CRA_140