Accession PRJCA000246
Title NGS data for TIB project
Data Types Whole genome sequencing
Organisms Homo sapiens
Description This data set contain NGS raw data (fastQ) of 77 samples.
Sample scope Monoisolate
Release date 2016-09-09
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
27569548 Ancestral Origins and Genetic History of Tibetan Highlanders. American Journal of Human Genetics 10.1016/j.ajhg.2016.07.002 2016
28619099 Differentiated demographic histories and local adaptations between Sherpas and Tibetans. Genome Biology 10.1186/s13059-017-1242-y 2017
Submitter Shuhua    Xu  (
Organization CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology
Submission date 2016-06-20

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (77) -
SAMC006429 AAGC022189D
SAMC006428 AAGC022188D
SAMC006427 AAGC022187D
SAMC006426 AAGC022186D
SAMC006425 AAGC022185D
SAMC006424 AAGC022184D
SAMC006423 AAGC022183D
SAMC006422 AAGC022182D
SAMC006421 AAGC022181D
SAMC006420 AAGC022180D
SAMC006419 AAGC022179D
SAMC006418 AAGC022178D
SAMC006417 AAGC022177D
SAMC006416 AAGC022176D
SAMC006415 AAGC022175D
SAMC006414 AAGC022174D
SAMC006413 AAGC022173D
SAMC006412 AAGC022172D
SAMC006411 AAGC022171D
SAMC006410 AAGC022170D
SAMC006409 AAGC022169D
SAMC006408 AAGC022168D
SAMC006407 AAGC022167D
SAMC006406 AAGC022166D
SAMC006405 AAGC022165D
SAMC006404 AAGC022164D
SAMC006403 AAGC022163D
SAMC006402 AAGC022162D
SAMC006401 AAGC022161D
SAMC006400 AAGC022160D
SAMC006399 AAGC022159D
SAMC006398 AAGC022158D
SAMC006397 AAGC022157D
SAMC006396 AAGC022156D
SAMC006395 AAGC022155D
SAMC006394 AAGC022154D
SAMC006393 AAGC022153D
SAMC006392 AAGC022152D
SAMC006391 AAGC022151D
SAMC006390 AAGC022114D
SAMC006389 AAGC022113D
SAMC006388 AAGC022112D
SAMC006387 AAGC022111D
SAMC006386 AAGC022110D
SAMC006385 AAGC022109D
SAMC006384 AAGC022108D
SAMC006383 AAGC022107D
SAMC006382 AAGC022080D
SAMC006381 AAGC022079D
SAMC006380 AAGC022078D
SAMC006379 AAGC022077D
SAMC006378 AAGC022076D
SAMC006377 AAGC022075D
SAMC006376 AAGC022074D
SAMC006375 AAGC022073D
SAMC006374 AAGC022072D
SAMC006373 AAGC022071D
SAMC006372 AAGC022070D
SAMC006371 AAGC022069D
SAMC006370 AAGC022068D
SAMC006369 AAGC022067D
SAMC006368 AAGC022066D
SAMC006367 AAGC022065D
SAMC006366 AAGC022064D
SAMC006365 AAGC022063D
SAMC006364 AAGC022062D
SAMC006363 AAGC022061D
SAMC006362 AAGC022060D
SAMC006361 AAGC022059D
SAMC006360 AAGC022058D
SAMC006359 AAGC022057D
SAMC006358 AAGC022056D
SAMC006357 AAGC022055D
SAMC006356 AAGC022054D
SAMC006355 AAGC022053D
SAMC006354 AAGC022052D
SAMC006353 AAGC022051D
GSA (1) -
CRA000112 CRA_112