Identifier PRJCA000237
Title 16s rRNA sequencing of microbial diversity on human conjuctiva
Project data type Metagenome
Organism Homo sapiens
Description This study compares conjunctival microbial communities in two types of contact lens wearers with those in non-contact lens wearers.
Sample scope Monoisolate
Release date 2016-05-23
Submitter Zhang Hai Kun  (
Affiliation Beijing Institute of Genomics
Submission date 2016-05-23

Project Data

Resource name Description
BioSample (38) -
SAMC016582 OKL20
SAMC016580 OKL18
SAMC016579 OKL16
SAMC016577 OKL15
SAMC016576 OKL14
SAMC016574 OKL12
SAMC016573 OKL10
SAMC016572 OKL7
SAMC016571 OKL6
SAMC016570 OKL3
SAMC016569 OKL2
SAMC016568 SCL20
SAMC016567 SCL16
SAMC016566 SCL13
SAMC016565 SCL18
SAMC016556 SCL1
SAMC016557 SCL2
SAMC016558 SCL3
SAMC016559 SCL4
SAMC016560 SCL5
SAMC016561 SCL7
SAMC016562 SCL8
SAMC016563 SCL10
SAMC006258 NW2
SAMC016544 Null30s
SAMC016555 NW24
SAMC016554 NW23
SAMC016553 NW22
SAMC016552 NW20
SAMC016551 NW19
SAMC016550 NW17
SAMC016549 NW14
SAMC016548 NW8
SAMC016547 NW6
SAMC016546 NW4
SAMC016545 NW3
SAMC008901 non-contact lens wearers
SAMC008900 16s rRNA sequencing of microbial diversity on human conjuctiva
GSA (1) -
CRA000709 CRA000709