Accession PRJCA000210
Title Erythroid differentiation
Relevance Medical
Data types Transcriptome or Gene expression
Organisms Homo sapiens
Description To explore the mechanisms controlling erythroid differentiation and development, we analyzed the genomewide transcription dynamics occurring during the differentiation of human embryonic stem cells (HESCs) into the erythroid lineage and development of embryonic to adult erythropoiesis using high throughput sequencing technology. HESCs and erythroid cells at three developmental stages: ESER (embryonic), FLER (fetal), and PBER (adult) were analyzed. Our findings revealed that the number of expressed genes decreased during differentiation, whereas the total expression intensity increased. At each of the three transitions (HESCs–ESERs, ESERs– FLERs, and FLERs–PBERs), many differentially expressed genes were observed, which were involved in maintaining pluripotency, early erythroid specification, rapid cell growth, and cell–cell adhesion and interaction. We also discovered dynamic networks and their central nodes in each transition. Our study provides a fundamental basis for further investigation of erythroid differentiation and development, and has implications in using ESERs for transfusion product in clinical settings.
Sample scope Monoisolate
Release date 2016-03-18
PubMed ID Article title Journal name DOI Year
24121002 Transcriptome dynamics during human erythroid differentiation and development. Genomics 10.1016/j.ygeno.2013.09.005 2014
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Submitter Yadong    Yang  (
Organization Beijing Institute of Genomics
Submission date 2016-03-18

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